For any parents who are reading this, I’m sure you can picture this scene perfectly… Your toddler
has decided to make a break for it; perhaps she sees something temptingly interesting in the distance
and she’s off! You call her name and immediately the child halts, turns around for an instance and
then continues even more resolutely on the way to temptation. Even though the child has recognized
your voice, even though your child knows you are his/her protector and care giver, the child still
RUNS AWAY from you! Sometimes this may be cute and humorous, other times there may be a very
real and dangerous threat to your child’s safety. Why does the child halt in the first place? Because
his/her name has been called by someone trustworthy – it’s a natural response. Why does the child
then flee?.. Because temptation’s lure, is often too hard to resist due to the masterful deception of the
evil one.
In today’s Gospel, Jesus, the Good Shepherd knows us, His sheep, and we follow His voice and He
protects us with His life. Sometimes, when temptation lures us, we too make a break for it. The Good
Shepherd continues to rescue us from the dangers of Satan’s snares and carries us home safely where
there is abundant life. Today, we too are called to be good shepherds, vigilant caretakers of our
children, our “neighbors,” especially the poor and vulnerable among us, and even of those who lead
“sinful” lives.
Everyone deserves to hear a voice they can trust in. As a follower of Christ, might that voice be yours?

Have a good week and God bless, Fr. Varghese