Welcome to the parish website for St. Eugene’s Church.  “The Church of Saint Eugene is a community of believers seeking to grow in the faith of Jesus Christ through His Eucharist and by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Saint Eugene welcomes all God’s people through liturgy, sacraments, outreach to our neighbors in need, and by following the example of Jesus Christ. Through works and actions we strive to meet the spiritual, physical and temporal needs of all generations, especially our young. By encouraging one another, we grow in faith and we demonstrate our life in the Holy Trinity by sharing the Good News of Jesus and by being an active voice in our society. With God’s help, we remain a community united in Faith, Hope and Charity.” Please visit these pages to learn more about our vibrant faith community!


Faith is living and dynamic: if not fed, it grows weak; if not practiced, it grows rusty; if not shared, it grows cold; if not lived, it dies.


THANKSGIVING BASKETS: Assembly of baskets Friday Nov. 18th at 6pm Distribution of Baskets: Saturday, Nov. 19th at 11am.
GIVING TREE: Tags will be on the tree weekend starting Nov. 26th – Dec. 10th
GIFTS DUE BACK BY: Dec. 17th – 18th
CHRISTMAS BASKETS/GIFTS: Food Baskets will be put together Friday, Dec. 16th at 6pm
GIFTS: Will be sorted and bagged Sunday, Dec. 18th 11:30am (after the 10:15am mass) Baskets and Gifts will be distributed Sunday, Dec. 18th at 12:45 pm



All classes are held on Sundays
**Gr K-5 – 9:00am – 10:05am
**Gr 6-10 — 6:00pm – 7pm

We are looking CCD Teachers. Please contact Fr. Dandeneau for details if you are able to help.


1st Friday Devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and 1st Saturday Devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary are held every month. Please see the schedule below for dates and time.

1st Friday            1st Saturday
7:30 am                 8:30 am

Sept 2                     Sept 3
Oct 7                       Oct 1
Nov 4                      Nov 5
Dec 2                      Dec 3

Holy Days of Obligation 2022
(Not Obligatory 2022)
Nov 1 All Saints Day
Dec 8 Immaculate Conception
Dec 25 Christmas Day

Mass Intention Book Open
The 2022 Mass intention book is now open to schedule Mass intentions or the Sanctuary Lamp. Our secretary is available to do this Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The Stipend for the Mass is payable at the time of scheduling or cannot be reserved. If you want particular dates, now is the time to do it. The stipend schedule established by the Bishop is as follows: • Weekday Mass $10.00 • Weekend Masses and Holy day Masses $25.00 • 14 Day Sanctuary Lamp $10.00

Religious Education
Our young people are enrolled with many devoted catechists volunteering their time and talent to help form future generations of believers. I want to express my profound appreciation to these parishioners for giving up their time and devoting their energy teaching the young. Our Lord warned adults not to prevent the children from coming to Him, for such as these does the Kingdom of God belong. Parents are, above all, the first and most important teachers of religion and we who teach and preach can only build on the foundation provided by parents.

In addition to bringing their children to religion classes, parents are encouraged to attend Sunday Mass with their children; for the faith to be experienced it must be enlivened spiritually with the grace of the Sacraments, especially the sharing of God’s Word and His Body and Blood, gifts given to us at each and every Mass. It is the house, that is, the life, built on the solid rock of faith rather than the shifting sands of ease and comfort that sustains in time of trial and difficulty; that trials and difficulties come is without question—that we can be sustained in the face of these depends on how well we have built, have practiced, have nurtured our faith, particularly with the living Body and Blood of Christ, the Eucharist, each and every Sunday. Faith is living and dynamic: if not fed, it grows weak; if not practiced, it grows rusty; if not shared, it grows cold; if not lived, it dies.

Welcome to St. Eugene Parish, a Roman Catholic community committed to the Gospels. Please call the parish rectory at (401) 568-5102 to register with the parish or to receive budgets. If you are moving out of the parish, please call us so we may update our records. If you have a question for the pastor, please call Father Stephen J. Dandeneau at the rectory or see him after any Mass.

Register by downloading a parish registration form. Completed registration forms  can be returned by mail, brought to the parish office, or dropped in the collection basket at any weekend mass.