Welcome to the parish website for St. Eugene’s Church.  “The Church of Saint Eugene is a community of believers seeking to grow in the faith of Jesus Christ through His Eucharist and by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Saint Eugene welcomes all God’s people through liturgy, sacraments, outreach to our neighbors in need, and by following the example of Jesus Christ. Through works and actions we strive to meet the spiritual, physical and temporal needs of all generations, especially our young. By encouraging one another, we grow in faith and we demonstrate our life in the Holy Trinity by sharing the Good News of Jesus and by being an active voice in our society. With God’s help, we remain a community united in Faith, Hope and Charity.” Please visit these pages to learn more about our vibrant faith community!

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Information about Diocese of Providence 2021 Catholic Charity Appeal

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Thank you for helping us serve so many!

Because of generous people like you, the Catholic Charity Appeal is able to support numerous ministries and programs of the Diocese of Providence, Rhode Island, providing social, educational and spiritual support to thousands of Rhode Islanders each year regardless of race, creed or background. Your gift makes a real impact!

The services provided by the ministries supported by the Catholic Charity Appeal range from...

  • social service ministries providing direct support to the poor, the hungry and homeless

  • immigration and refugee services

  • emergency rent and medical aid

  • prison ministry

  • justice and peace education, which works to end violence in the inner city

  • community advocacy for needs in the community

  • social service ministries that work in concert with other ministries, such as the State Department of Elderly Affairs to provide services to Rhode senior citizens, as well as Respite Care for those who assist the sick and elderly

  • child care voucher program for low income families

  • a youth camp

  • two youth centers

  • statewide sports league (Catholic Athletic League - CAL)

  • substantial financial and scholarship aid to students with financial need to attend Rhode Island Catholic schools

  • grants for ministries outside the diocese that provide service consistent with that of the case statement of the Fund, for instance, the Rhode Island Food Bank and the Rhode Island Poverty Institute

  • grants to “Keep The Heat On," a program for emergency heating assistance for low income individuals or families

December 3, 2020
A Letter from Bishop Tobin Regarding COVID-19 Vaccines
To the Faithful of the Diocese of Providence:
Numerous reports indicate that at least two COVID-19 vaccines will soon be available. This development in fighting this terrible disease is indeed very good news and should be for us a source of hope and gratitude.
The development of these vaccines will also raise, and indeed already has raised, some questions about the moral permissibility of receiving these vaccines if they have been developed in any way that involves the use of cell lines from aborted babies. It is a complex and sensitive matter. Nonetheless, a careful evaluation of this situation from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (the USCCB), includes the following:
“Neither the Pfizer nor the Moderna vaccine involved the use of cell lines that originated in fetal tissue taken from the body of an aborted baby at any level of design, development, or production. They are not completely free from any connection to abortion, however, as both Pfizer and Moderna made use of a tainted cell line for one of the confirmatory lab tests of their products. There is thus a connection, but it is relatively remote.”
In short the USCCB evaluation, backed-up by previous instructions from the Holy See, affirms that “at the level of the recipient, it is morally permissible to accept vaccination when there are no alternatives and there is a serious risk to health.”
When the vaccines become available, individuals should be encouraged to receive the vaccine to promote their own health and safety and that of others. This is consistent with the Catholic commitment on promoting the common good. Nonetheless, if individuals have serious moral objections to, or health concerns about, receiving the vaccines, those concerns should be respected and the individuals should not be forced to be vaccinated if so doing is contrary to their conscience.
I hope that this information will be helpful for you. In receiving the news of the vaccines we realize that the fight against this terrible pandemic is not over. We need to continue our vigilance, and to pray for all who have suffered from the dire consequences of the virus. May God remove this terrible plague from our midst and grant healing, comfort and peace to all.
With my best wishes, prayers and blessings, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
Thomas J. Tobin
Bishop of Providence

May, 2020

Dear Parishioners:

I hope that you are doing well-that you have been staying healthy, happy, and holy throughout these challenging days of epidemic.  I am most joyful to announce that the public celebration of Mass will be reinstated this weekend, May 30 and 31, which, providentially enough, is the Feast of Pentecost (when the Church celebrates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Blessed Mother and the Apostles).  So, as you receive this letter and increasingly feel safe and secure in public over time, it is my distinct privilege to welcome you all back.

Given the nature of the circumstances, however, the Diocese of Providence has consulted with officials from the Thomistic Institute (an authority on understanding doctrine and the Code of Canon Law), the State of Rhode Island, and the Rhode Island Department of Health in order to come up with policies which, insofar as reasonably possible, ensure the health and safety of those who wish to resume the practice of public worship.  St. Eugene Church will comply with any and all laws, regulations, guidelines, and recommendations of the aforementioned authorities as well as the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, the delegates of the Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence, and any additional corresponding offices of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Providence which may affect forms of public worship.  The enclosed is a list of the protocols set forth by the Diocese of Providence as they will apply to the public celebration of Mass and other forms of public worship.  Please read and review them thoroughly prior to attending any Catholic form of worship in public and be as diligent as possible about observing them.  These have been established for the sake of the common good.  We must each heed Christ’s command to “love our neighbor as ourselves” as we transition back to normalcy and thus do our part not only to protect ourselves but others as well.

Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your diligence with this transition.  As always, please know that I am here to assist you and serve you in whatever way(s) that I can.  Also, please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Respectfully yours in Christ,

Reverend Stephen J. Dandeneau


Guidelines for Participation in Mass/Public Worship

  • Bishop Tobin has extended the dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days of Obligation until further notice.

  • Under no circumstances may anyone who manifests symptoms of any illness attend the public celebration of Mass.

  • Those who are elderly, have underlying health conditions, or are otherwise vulnerable to the risk of infection are asked to refrain from attending Mass.

  • Attendance at the public celebration of Mass is limited to 25% of the total fire department stated capacity for occupancy of the church. At St. Eugene Church, this is 105 people, but please keep in mind that we do have to ensure 6 feet social distancing and there are a limited number of pews.

  • Attendance at the public celebration of Mass will be on a “first come, first serve” Pews will not be reserved in advance for anyone.

  • Parishioners are asked to use the front entrance only. The side entrance will not be available for arrival or departure.

  • Parishioners are asked to line up outside at the designated/marked locations before entering.

  • Parishioners are asked to wear a face mask upon their arrival, throughout the entire celebration of Mass, and for their departure. This includes while waiting in line to receive Holy Communion.  The only time a face mask may be removed is for the actual reception/consumption of Holy Communion.  Masks are to be placed back on one’s face immediately following the reception of Holy Communion.

  • Young children, those who have difficulty breathing, and those who have difficulty removing a face mask on their own are not required to wear one.

  • Parishioners are asked to utilize hand sanitizer and have their temperature checked as they enter. Hand sanitizer is available at the entrance of the Church and in each individual pew, but parishioners are also welcome to bring and use their own.  Ushers/volunteers will assist.

  • Ushers/volunteers will seat attending parishioners in the appropriate pews as they arrive.

  • The offertory procession and weekly budget collection during the offertory will not take place. A receptacle has been provided for those parishioners who wish to contribute to the budget either before or after Mass.

  • The hymnals have been removed, the choir is on hold until further notice, and parishioners are asked to refrain from singing.

  • All those who ordinarily assist with the pragmatic dimensions of the celebration of Mass are on hold until further notice; namely, Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (Eucharistic Ministers), Readers (Lectors), and Altar Servers.

  • Parishioners are asked to note that they are not required to receive Holy Communion if they attend Mass. It is legitimate to remain in the pew and make an act of spiritual communion.

  • A special table has been set up in the sanctuary to facilitate the safe distribution of Holy Communion. This table has a corporal, an ablution cup, and hand sanitizer.  The first two are to ensure the proper treatment of the Blessed Sacrament.  The last is precautionary and is to be used if contact between the priest and communicant is made during the distribution of Holy Communion.

  • Parishioners are encouraged to receive Holy Communion on the hand; however, it is not permitted to receive Holy Communion in the hand wearing gloves. Those who wish to receive Holy Communion on the tongue are asked to go as close to the end of the line as possible.

  • Parishioners who are in line waiting to receive Holy Communion are asked to line up according to the markers on the floor in order to ensure 6 feet social distancing. If all of the spots are taken, please remain in your pew until such time as you can get in line in one of these spots.

  • Parishioners are asked not to congregate socially either before or immediately following Mass. To facilitate this, they will be dismissed by pew.

The bathrooms will not be available.