Welcome to the parish website for St. Eugene’s Church.  “The Church of Saint Eugene is a community of believers seeking to grow in the faith of Jesus Christ through His Eucharist and by the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church. The Church of Saint Eugene welcomes all God’s people through liturgy, sacraments, outreach to our neighbors in need, and by following the example of Jesus Christ. Through works and actions we strive to meet the spiritual, physical and temporal needs of all generations, especially our young. By encouraging one another, we grow in faith and we demonstrate our life in the Holy Trinity by sharing the Good News of Jesus and by being an active voice in our society. With God’s help, we remain a community united in Faith, Hope and Charity.” Please visit these pages to learn more about our vibrant faith community!

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8:00 A.M.: Mass with Miraculous Image of Our Lady of
8:45-9:50 A.M.: Religious Education Grades K-5 private
veneration of image
10:15 A.M.: Mass with Miraculous Image of Our Lady of
11:30 A.M.:-12:30 P.M.: Religious Education Grades 6-
10 private veneration of image
1:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M.: Eucharistic Exposition and
4:50 P.M.: Benediction


Prayer Garden Stations of the Cross
If you have been wondering what is going on behind our prayer garden, we are pleased to announce that we are installing a path along the stone wall that will house our newest addition to the Prayer Garden, the Stations of the Cross. Parishioner Roger Robert has been busy constructing not only the posts and wooden shelters that will hold the stations, but has also painstakingly graded a walkway which will allow visitors to safely walk the Way of the Cross. Our hope is to add some cement benches along the walkway for anyone wishing to sit and meditate while making this devotion. Mr. Robert has donated his time, talent, and equipment to this project, while working on some of the hottest days of this summer season. If you see him, please take a moment to thank him not only for his work, but for his dedication to this project. Anyone wishing to contribute to the cost of a bench or wishing to adopt a station as a memorial, please see Fr. Dandeneau for more information.

July 26, 2021

Dear Parents,

I hope that as you carry out your plans for this summer that you and your children are enjoying some rest, recreation, and other opportunities as well as staying safe amidst all of the challenges we have been facing.

As you know, the academic school year 2021-2022 is just around the corner.  So I am writing you this letter to request that each family whose child or children intend to enroll in our parish religious education program for this upcoming school year complete and submit the enclosed registration form and tuition by August 20th.  Please note that even if your child/children has/have registered for the Confirmation program in the past, every student who wishes to enroll must complete a new registration form this year.  A copy of the Religious Education Registration Form is enclosed in this letter and is also available for download on our parish website: www.sainteugeneschurch.org for your convenience.

Please also note a few practical considerations regarding the policies of the combined St. Eugene Church and St. Joseph Church Religious Education Program this year:

  1. The successful completion of each Religious Education Grade level from Grade 1-Grade 8 or attending a Catholic school for these grades is a prerequisite for admission to the Confirmation Program (students who have not successfully completed Grades 1-8 Religious Education or attended a Catholic school for these grades will not be admitted to the Confirmation Program).


  1. Saint Eugene Church and Saint Joseph Church faithfully adhere to all of the standards, values, and doctrines of the Catholic faith without compromise.  Consequently, the Saint Eugene and Saint Joseph Church Religious Education Program is only for those who are ready to commit to practicing the Catholic faith as instructed by the Catholic Church.  The appropriate practice of the Catholic faith is a necessary part of receiving instruction in the Catholic faith.  Consequently, the expectation is that students and their families will make a wholehearted commitment to practicing their faith by:


  1. Attending Saturday evening or Sunday Mass every week and on Holy Days of Obligation

  2. Doing one’s best to believe in and follow all of the teachings of the Church without compromise (including its teachings about chastity)

  3. Faithfully receiving/practicing the sacrament of Reconciliation/Confession when it is appropriate (not necessarily at St. Eugene Church or St. Joseph Church)


  1. Attendance at Sunday Mass each week and on Holy Days of Obligation (January 1, Ascension Thursday [six weeks after Easter], August 15, November 1, and December 8) even when school and Religious Education are not in session (including during the summer) is required for the successful completion of each Religious Education Program grade level.  Excuses will not be accepted except in the case of an emergency or dire circumstances.  If you plan to travel and are uncertain about where there will be a Catholic Mass for the weekend or a Holy Day of Obligation, please refer to www.masstimes.org.  This website lists service information about Catholic Churches throughout the world.

  2. Students of every Religious Education Program grade level are now required to sign an attendance sheet for Mass.  If a student does not attend Mass either at St. Eugene Church or St. Joseph Church on a given occasion, he/she is asked to obtain a bulletin from the Church where they did attend Mass, have it signed by the priest who celebrated the Mass, and submit it to his/her religious education teacher.


  1. Religious Education for Grades 6, 7, and 8 will be held as one class and will be livestreamed through Facebook.  Due to ongoing concerns regarding the pandemic, “in-person” attendance versus electronic attendance online is at the discretion of each family which has a student in one of these grades.


  1. The subject material of Religious Education for Grades 6, 7, and 8 will be presented through 3-year cycle and will overview the basic teachings of the Catholic faith.  This will cover the material on the test required for admission to the Confirmation Program.


  1. The Confirmation Program has changed.  The three main objectives of the Confirmation Program are now: 1) To provide the student with a basic knowledge and understanding of the sacrament they are about to receive; 2) To help prepare them as completely as possible to receive it; and 3) To ensure their commitment to practicing the faith.  Consequently, the requirements of the Confirmation Program are as follows:


  1. Attending Mass every Saturday evening or Sunday and on Holy Days of Obligation

  2. Doing one’s best to believe in and follow all of the teachings of the Church (including its teachings about chastity), to have a consistent and substantial prayer life, and to be involved in the life of the parish

  3. Faithfully receiving/practicing the sacrament of Confession/Reconciliation when appropriate (not necessarily at St. Eugene or St. Joseph Church


  1. If I can help you in any way or if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at your convenience at (401) 568-5102 or steugenchurch@verizon.net

if you are a member of St. Eugene Church. If you are a member of St. Joseph Church please call ( 401) 568-2411 or stjosephstpatrickburrillri@gmail.com.


May God bless you and your loved ones with a wonderful rest of your summer!  I look forward to seeing all of you this upcoming school year.


In Christ,


Reverend Stephen J. Dandeneau


Please note that we are changing our weekend mass time schedule. As of Saturday, July 3, 2021
St. Eugene will no longer offer a Saturday 4p.m. mass. 4p.m. mass will be offered at St. Joseph Church on Sayles Ave., in Pascoag, RI.
As of Monday, July 5, 2021 weekday morning mass will change to 7:45a.m. Saturday morning mass will remain at 8:30 a.m.
Thank you for your patience as we make these adjustments to our schedule.