Dear Parishioners:

I would like to extend a very joyful statement of congratulations to each of our students who received the Sacrament of Confirmation this past Thursday! It is such a privilege for me to extend this congratulations to each of you as I have had the opportunity over the last few years to get to know each of you-even serving at Mass and at parish activities with many of you and attending the Steubenville East Youth Conference with some of you. So I know (from knowing you personally) that each of you is ready for this sacrament and that your faith is so important to you.
Thursday evening was a real milestone moment in your lives because Confirmation is such a wonderful and powerful sacrament! Now you have the fullness of God’s Holy Spirit with His seven gifts of knowledge, understanding, wisdom, wonder and awe, fortitude, piety, and counsel. These will help you immeasurably throughout the course of your lives on your individual journeys of faith. Always treasure them and ask for God’s help to use them as completely and as effectively as you can. The more in touch with the Holy Spirit that you are in your daily lives, the more peaceful, pure, graceful, joyful, and filled with love your lives will be. We all want to be happy. Fulfilling the plan that God has for our lives by tuning in to the Holy Spirit is how we live such a blessed life here on earth and at the end of our lives enter the Kingdom of God.
Confirmation Sponsors-Thursday was a milestone moment for you as well. Your job is not complete. Actually, it’s really just beginning. The role that you play in the lives of each of these youth who just received Confirmation continues on. Like their godparents, it is your solemn duty for the rest of your lives to help guide them to live a devoted life of faith. Encourage them to continue going to Mass even during those times when life gets extremely busy or hard. Challenge both yourselves and them to get ever better at living according to the moral values of the Gospel-the moral teachings of the Catholic faith. When it is appropriate, talk to them about God and make sure they are spending some time in prayer each day. All of this is part and parcel of what it means to live a life of faith.
May God the Holy Spirit set each of you-especially those of you who just received your confirmation-on fire with zeal for loving God and being devoted to our Catholic faith!


In Him, Fr. D