Dear Parishioner,

In the Catholic faith, there is a tradition that whenever someone enters a church or a chapel where the Eucharist is reserved they maintain a respectful silence. There are many reasons this became a custom, but two of the most important where that it was to uphold a stronger sense of reverence in the presence of God and it was a gesture of respect towards those who wish to pray and, or, quietly reflect.
In recent times, this custom has often been overlooked for the sake of emphasizing the value of community life within parishes. So today it is not unusual to find that churches have lost some the sacred aura they once had. And while it is important to focus on the practical dimensions of building up a sense of community, we have to remember that our community is based upon our faith in Christ. Consequently, we each have to do our part to facilitate an appropriate balance between the practical and human aspects of parish life and the spiritual aspects of it.
One way that we can do this is by being just a little more disciplined about the way we communicate in church. St. Eugene Church isn’t, of course, a monastery, but, as a way of showing respect to our Lord Who is present among us in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament and of being considerate to our brothers and sisters in Christ, each of us really should commit to treating the sacred space of our church with as much reverence as possible.

In Him, Fr. D