Dear Parishioner,

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you about a couple of wonderful things that have recently happened for the benefit of our parish!
First, I have some updates about our annual Catholic Charity Fund Appeal and the Grateful for God’s Providence Capital Campaign. I am very happy to tell you that we have met and even slightly exceeded our goal for the Catholic Charity Fund Appeal this year. To date, we have had $35,519.00 in pledges and actually realized/received $25,301.00 from just 169 donors. Soooo…THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR YOUR GREAT GENEROSITY! It is truly helpful for our diocese. As far as the Grateful for God’s Providence Capital Campaign is concerned, to date about 11% of the families of our parish have contributed very generously. I know how great a sacrifice it is for many families to give, especially when we have two major financial solicitations back to back; however, from just 74 donors we have had $121,911.00 in pledges (which means that about 43% of our goal has been pledged) and we have actually realized/received $24,772.00. This means that we are on well on our way towards reaching our goal over the next four years! So please know that I am truly grateful to all of you who have contributed to the success of this campaign: those who made financial sacrifices for it, those who gave of their time and their talents to help with the practical logistics that were involved in coordinating it, those who kept its success in their prayers regularly, and those who have encouraged their relatives, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances who are affiliated with St. Eugene Church to reflect on all of the positive things that are happening in and through the Church these days and how this campaign will help instead of only focusing on the misfortunes we have had to suffer through lately as a church. This campaign means a lot for the future of the Church’s mission in our diocese. Please also know that if you have still been thinking about how you can help or get involved with this campaign, everything you do or give is appreciated. Anyone can make a financial contribution at any time over the next four years and every penny means something. So does every prayer and encouragement that is given. The Diocese of Providence and St. Eugene Church have specified projects that are the beneficiaries of this campaign, so any and all support you give to the mission is a great blessing!
Second, I would like to share with you the wonderful news that we had 7 of our younger parishioners participate in the Steubenville East Youth Conference last weekend. There were over 1200 young people from all over this region of the United States gathered to praise and worship God, to learn more about their faith, and to be encouraged and inspired to have a closer relationship with Him. It was very moving to see so many youth inspired to grow in their faith, especially those who are our very own. So please continue to keep them in your prayers that as they embark on this stage of their journeys of faith they will have that closeness to the Lord that helps them stay on a straight path towards Heaven and inspires those around them to do the same.
Again, may God bless you and thank you again for all that you do to help the mission of Christ and His Church in the world!

In Him, Fr. D